Civic Education in Media
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In 2009 the foundation organised the ‘Introduction of Cultures and the Subject of Integration in Media’ project competition in order to introduce the cultures of the nationalities living here both in Estonian and Russia-language media.
Six TV series and a radio series and relevant articles were published in one national daily and four regional newspapers as a result of 13 financed projects. The purpose of the project competition was to introduce the subject of integration and to increase the common part of the information field of EU citizens and third-country citizens with the help of the media. We were looking for projects that were aimed at preparing TV and radio shows, articles, newspaper inserts and special editions that introduce the culture and traditions of the nationalities living in Estonia, the history of Estonia, the Estonian language, etc.

The projects were financed by the Ministry of Culture and the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals, which was established as part of the general European Union programme ‘Solidarity and Management of Migratory Flows’, on the basis of the operational programme of the Estonian Integration Programme 2008–2013.
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