Counselling service for residents
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Since autumn 2014, the Integration Foundation has been operating a Counselling Center, which provides information, advice and guidelines on living in Estonia to people of other nationalities residing in the country. The counselling service is available to anyone who has questions about living in Estonia – for example, with regard to Estonian language studies and practice, or applying for residence permits or Estonian citizenship. Information can also be provided about other aspects of living and working in the country like education, work, residence permits, medical services and other social benefits. The consultants at the Counselling Center offer clients a wide range of integration-related information. They are also able to refer clients on to other agencies and service providers where needed. The center’s consultants can introduce to residents public services they may need or be interested in, and can support them in dealing with state and local government institutions.

The operations of the Integration Foundation emphasise the need at the national level for the involvement and inclusion of the resident population of the country in Estonian society. In accordance with the integration development plan, the task of the counselling service is to enhance cohesion in society. The aim is also to reduce social exclusion through the service. Although limited language skills is one of the most significant factors in the development of social exclusion, it is not the sole determinant: getting people involved in society and establishing social support networks are of key importance alongside language studies. As such, in order for integration to be a success it is equally important to increase people’s awareness of issues related to employment, lifelong learning, civil society and civic education, social services and welfare, legal assistance, the organization of health care and state benefits.

The consultants at the Counselling Center can also be invited to company information and awareness-raising events to showcase the advisory service and to speak in greater detail about the types of issues with which people can and should turn to the center. Furthermore, the advisers can be brought in to companies, which employ people of other nationalities in order to provide group advice and counselling on site.

The operations of the Counselling Center form part of the ‘Development and implementation of advisory and information system’ activity of the ‘Activities supporting integration in Estonian society’ project of the European Social Fund.

Where are our Counselling Centers?

Individual consultations are available in Tallinn at the offices of Integration Foundation at Lõõtsa 2a (8th floor)

Monday             12.00-17.00

Tuesday            12.00-17.00

Wednesday       12.00-17.00

NB! If you have agreed beforehand, it is possible to have individual consultations at other times. Please make an appointment by calling the free number 800 9999 or emailing to 

Individual consultations are available in Narva at the Keres Centre at Kerese 3 (2nd floor, Room 308).

Monday             12:00-16:00

Tuesday            12.00-17.00
Wednesday       12:00-17:00
Thursday           12:00-17:00
Friday                12:00-16:00

You can also get answers to any questions you have by e-mailing or calling the free number 800 9999.