Teaching of Estonian in vocational schools
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As part of the programme for the organisation of additional Estonian language studies for vocational school students whose native language is a language other than Estonian, the Integration and Migration Foundation awaits proposals from vocational education institutions in regard to how they themselves would like to organise such studies for their students. This approach was taken throughout 2009.
The aim of the programme is for as many vocational education institutions as possible to develop their teaching of Estonian in as wide a variety of ways as they can, guided by the needs of and possibilities open to their students. No restrictions have been put in place in terms of the format or cost of the teaching. Some schools may wish to provide bridging courses; others may prefer summer schools; while others may seek to build on their work experience programmes or combine their teaching of professional and language skills. All proposals are welcome – what is important is that they comply with the aims of the programme and the description of the activity.
Additional studies of Estonian will be arranged as part of the programme for students whose native languages are languages other than Estonian and who are studying in Estonian-language vocational education groups or Russian-language groups. Activities organised in addition to studies funded as part of the national training order will be implemented. The courses are designed to provide participants with the language skills they need to study and work in Estonian. Programmes which integrate language and professional studies are preferred, such as work experience programmes in Estonian-language working environments.
The length of courses may vary (with the maximum length being 1 year), and they may be organised in parallel with professional or general education courses. At the beginning and end of a course the school must test the level of a student’s skills. The courses may be organised for students from different years.
Schools may submit more than one proposal. Please note that the amount indicated in the budget will not be transferred to the school’s budget: the foundation will order the required services itself.