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The virtual library is the gateway to wealth of materials published with the aid of the Integration Foundation and/or collected by the foundation. Here you will find information about our publications, including study materials, integration surveys, etc. You can search our database by author’s name, publication title, publication year and keywords. The library contains both annotations to our publications and full texts of many materials. The text files are in PDF format and you can read and print them with this free software: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We hope that this virtual library will help you find the information you are looking for.
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est, rus
est Integratsiooni kontseptuaalsed alused ja parimad praktikad
est RIP 2008-2013 vajadus- ja teostatavusuuringute lõpparuanne  
eng State Integration Programme 2008-2013 Final Report on Needs and Feasibility...  
eng Tallinn Conference on Conceptualising Integration
rus Концептуальные основы и лучшие практические примеры интеграции. Международн...