Local Governments and Integration
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Local conditions have to be considered in order to increase the efficiency of integration activities. There is no doubt that local governments know these conditions better than anyone else. This is why MISA's predecessor, the Integration Foundation, launched a project at the start of 2009, whose goal is to analyse how local governments could contribute more to integration activities. The experience of other countries shows that local governments are often the most efficient promoters of integration activities because they are close to the people.
Last year the foundation’s partners the Institute of Baltic Studies, PRAXIS Centre for Policy Studies and OÜ Geomedia analysed the activities of the integration plan that could be delegated to local governments. Many interviews with local government officials and representatives of state authorities were conducted. Consultation seminars where experts and the representatives of local governments and the state will meet are currently being organised.
Delegation of additional duties by the state to local governments must also involve an administrative and financing mechanism that satisfies both parties and currently still requires development.
Specific proposals will be made to the Government of the Republic for updating the Operational Programme of the Integration Plan 2008-2013 as a result of the development work. The project is being financed by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Ministry of Culture.

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