National culture associations
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National minority cultural associations represent a significant aspect of culture in Estonia, enriching our cultural landscape and information space. Estonia is home to people from almost 200 different national backgrounds, who often come together in national culture associations and societies. These groups work actively to preserve and promote their cultures, traditions and languages.

National minority cultural associations represent the interests of people living in Estonia who belong to a specific national group, contribute to the preservation of their national languages and cultures and promote their activities to the general public.

National minority cultural associations are registered legal entities which operate as either non-profit organisations or foundations. Often the activities of one association are not limited to the specific town or city in which it is registered, but cover the country as a whole.

There are associations which showcase their culture through national music, dance and literature. Others choose national handicrafts to promote their culture, or organise art circles. Some associations launch and lead in-depth public debates and discussions. For example, the Alliance of Nationalities of Estonia organises an annual forum, while the Ida-Viru County Integration Centre has been arranging the ‘National Cultures Creative Pot’ festival for many years.

Many national culture associations also work to educate younger generations. In weekend lessons at Sunday schools children and youngsters are taught the languages, cultures and customs of their forefathers. 

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