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MISA now has a new name


On 15 March 2017 the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People adopted a new, shorter name: simply the Integration Foundation.

The new name more clearly expresses the current focus of the foundation’s operations: promoting integration processes in Estonian society. The proportion of migration-related activities the foundation deals with has decreased significantly.

The foundation is also changing on the inside, moving ever further towards becoming a competence centre in the field of integration that initiates and supports activities aimed at the integration of Estonian society.

The foundation’s operations increasingly include the organisation of activities and programmes, such as language cafés and international conferences, based on its experience and expertise. It is getting more and more volunteers and entrepreneurs involved and making the most of international competence in integration, as well as sharing Estonia’s own experience with the rest of the world. Via surveys it regularly collects data that it uses in planning its activities, and it also fosters cooperation with research institutes. Ever greater emphasis is being given to the inclusion and involvement of the Estonian-speaking population.