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Support to be allocated to renowned national culture festivals


This year the Integration Foundation will be providing 90,500 euros in support of the projects of national minority cultural associations. A total of 23 projects will receive funding.

Some of the traditional festivals that will receive support are the ‘National Cultures Creative Pot’ in Jõhvi, the international festival of Ukrainian culture for children and teenagers ‘Kvity Ukrainy’, the international festival of Slavic culture ‘Svetotš 2017’ and the international Orthodox music festival ‘Credo’. Support has also been allocated for the organisation of the 18th International Izabella Yurieva Competition for performers of Russian romance and festivities marking the 80th anniversary of the Russian Choirs of Estonia in Narva.

66 applications were received in total. In addition to major festivals, a number of other events will also be receiving funding. They include a language and culture camp for the children of Estonia’s Ingrian Finns in Ida-Viru County in summer; a series of concerts and the issuing of a CD celebrating the 25th anniversary of the folklore ensemble Žurba in Narva, Kohtla-Järve, Oisu and Kärdla; and the publishing of a book entitled Belaja Lestovka on the funerary customs of Estonia’s Russian Old Believers.

Kristina Pirgop, the Head of Partnership Relations with the Integration Foundation, says that the competition is designed to contribute to the preservation and showcasing of national minority languages and cultures in Estonia. “National cultural associations enrich our cultural landscape with the music, dances, handicrafts, art and literature of a wide range of nationalities,” she said.

The competition supports the implementation of the ‘Integrating Estonia 2020’ development plan, which contributes to the cultural diversity of Estonian society and to the sustainable operating and development of organisations representing national cultures. The competition is being financed by the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:
Kristina Pirgop
Head of Partnership Relations, Integration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9024