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State supported studies in 24 national minority Sunday schools begin in autumn


In the coming academic year the activities of Ukrainian, Russian, Azeri, Latvian, Ingrian-Finnish, Tatar, Kabardian, Belarusian and Armenian Sunday schools are being funded in the amount of 112,400 euros. All in all 24 schools in Tallinn, Tartu, Valga, Viljandi, Toila, Kose, Jõhvi, Narva (studies taking place in Sinimäe), Tabasalu, Tapa and Sillamäe will receive the support.

The second round will be opened at the end of August to any national minority Sunday school operating in Estonia that did not receive funding in the first round of applications.

According to Kristina Pirgop, Head of Partnership Relations at Integration Foundation, the objective of the national minority Sunday schools is to teach the future generations the national culture of their ancestors. “At the school lessons taking place on weekends children learn their native language and traditions. Sunday schools help to preserve national traditions and handicraft skills that are being forgotten in today’s world”, she added.

In Estonia there are more than 30 national minority Sunday schools registered in the Estonian Educational Information System. According to the application round conditions, any Sunday school applying for the support must be registered there.

The activities of national minority Sunday schools are financed by the Ministry of Education and Research from the national budget.

The state has been funding the activities of nationality-based Sunday schools since 2004.

You can view the contact information of the Sunday schools and a description of their curricula at the website of the Integration Foundation:

For further information please contact:

Kristina Pirgop, Head of Partnership Relations
Telephone: +372 519 41147