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Three reasons to follow the live broadcast of the integration conference

The international integration conference ‘Shared Identities in Diverse Communities: the Role of Culture, Media and Civil Society’ being held at Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn on 16 & 17 November will be able to be followed online on both days via and #IntegrateEstonia

1. Experts from abroad will be looking at what has gone wrong elsewhere

- Is constantly emphasising multiculturalism making us more open or having the reverse effect?

- What kind of things which may seem unimportant at first are actually the deciding factors in whether a bilingual education system works?

- How can pop culture be used to overcome nationality-based conflict between groups in society?

Experts, policy-shapers and visionaries will be sharing their thoughts on these and other topics at the conference.

2. Politicians will be involved in a potentially fiery debate about integration

One of the drawcards of the conference is the debate, taking part in which will be Jevgeni Ossinovski (Social Democratic Party), Yoko Alender (Reform Party), Mihhail Kõlvart (Centre Party), Viktoria Ladõnskaja (Pro Patria and Res Publica Union) and Martin Helme (Conservative People’s Party of Estonia).

The debate will be moderated by journalist Neeme Raud and Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Integration Foundation Kristina Kallas.

3. There are no places left in the hall!

Following the broadcast is now the only way of taking part in the conference, since all of the places in the hall were snapped up long ago.

The broadcast will start at 10:00 on Thursday 16 November and at 9:00 on Friday 17 November.