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Five reasons to take part in the online Citizen’s Day quiz

On 26 November we celebrate Citizen’s Day. To mark the occasion, the Integration Foundation has put together a quiz – something it’s been doing every year for the past 15 years.


The quiz can be found on the foundation’s website at for everyone interested from 26-30 November.

The quiz (which you can find in Estonian, Russian and English) consists of 50 questions.

1. It’s the perfect opportunity to imagine what life would be like without Google

Safe in the knowledge that what they need to know can be found online, people have gotten used to simply grabbing their phones and Googling things. But the questions in the Citizen’s Day quiz are put together so cleverly that a basic Google search won’t provide the answers. Find out what you’re capable of without Google as your lifeline.


2. You’ll find out new stuff about what makes Estonia so special

The people who put the questions together have done their darndest to make the quiz exciting. There’s so much to know about Estonian society that you learn something new every year. 15 years they’ve been putting together questions for the quiz, and not one of them has ever cropped up twice.


3. You’ll find out how much recent history you remember

Lots of the quiz questions are related to 2016. How much do you remember about last year?


4. Taking the quiz will spark your curiosity

Once you find out one fascinating fact it inspires you to find out more about the same topic. This makes you more attentive generally and allows you to make connections between things using the knowledge you’ve gained. While people who never take any initiative complain of boredom, curious people lead exciting lives.


5. Citizen’s Day comes right after St Catherine’s Day

Once you’ve had your fill of fun on St Catherine’s Day, park yourself in front of your computer and get quizzing! That’s a whole weekend right there.