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Get to grips with Estonian using an innovative language-learning programme

Today, 5th of March, the Integration Foundation introduced the innovative language-learning programme Speakly, which was developed in Estonia and enables people who speak other languages to learn Estonian free of charge.

The programme is otherwise only available for a fee, but from today, anyone interested can start learning Estonian on the basis of Russian, English, German or French free of charge. It is the Integration Foundation’s gift to those wishing to learn the language on the occasion of Estonia’s 100th anniversary. Please note: use of the programme will remain free of charge after the centenary year.


Estonian Minister of Culture Indrek Saar says that every person who can speak the national language is important to the country and a valuable torch-bearer for Estonian language and culture. Language skills offer an invaluable springboard to anyone who wants to make something of themselves in Estonia, be an active member of society and contribute to life in the country being as good as it can be. “Estonian language studies need to be available to everyone,” Saar said. “I’m really pleased we’ve taken such a big digital step forward in that respect – one that means that starting from today everyone who wants to now has the opportunity to study Estonian, for free, independently, using an innovative new language app.”

Irene Käosaar, the director of the Integration Foundation, says the decision was taken to support Estonian studies via the app because speaking practice is one of its core elements. “People often fail to use the language in everyday life because although they have the vocabulary they need to communicate, they lack the confidence to try,” she explained.

Speakly is a language-learning programme which can be used on a computer or a smartphone and which employs a three-step system to help learners gain a good communicative level in the language. Step 1 is all about vocabulary. Step 2 is when you start writing and speaking. Step 3 involves practising every situations.


Special memory techniques are used in the programme to make memorising new information easier. The programme works out for itself which words you need to practise more and the best time for you to do so. User experiences have shown that Speakly enables motivated learners to quickly gain new language skills. To do so, users need to learn at least 15 words a day with the programme, which takes 35 minutes on average.


How to access free Estonian studies via the programme
First, go to and click on ‘Buy now’. Next, log in and select Estonian. Then choose any package and enter ‘EV100’ as your discount code, which will annul the fee. Take the test to determine your language level and voila, you can start!

For further information please contact:

Agnes Aaslaid

Head of Communications, Integration Foundation

Telephone: +372 659 9039 | Mobile: +372 5661 2775


Ott Ojamets

CEO, Speakly

Mobile: +372 51 20 938