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Integration Foundation provides substantial support to national minority cultural associations

The two competitions organised by the Integration Foundation for support for the activities and events of national minority cultural associations have ended with the following results:

  • a total of 433,260 euros in activity support has been allocated to 258 associations (via 18 umbrella organisations) for 2018-2020; and
  • a further 16 national culture society projects have also been selected for support, to the value of 80,860 euros.

Kristina Pirgop, the Head of Partnership Relations with the Integration Foundation, says that support for national culture associations has been important to Estonia since the early 1990s. “Activity support helps national minorities promote their cultures, uphold their identities and enrich our cultural landscape,” she said. “We want everyone who lives in Estonia to feel that there’s room here for all sorts of cultures.”

The competition for national culture society projects received 82 applications. Among the 16 projects approved are a number of well-known festivals, including ‘Multicultural Pärnu’, the 15th national minority cultural festival ‘National Cultures Creative Pot’ in Jõhvi, the Eastern spring festival Novruz Bayramı or Nowruz in Tallinn, the international children’s and young people’s festival of Ukrainian culture ‘Kvity Ukrainy’ and the international Orthodox music festival in Mustvee.

Other events are being supported in addition to festivals. Examples include the Alliance of Nationalities of Estonia’s ‘Etnolaat’ fair with its diverse cultural programme, the Estonian Open Air Museum’s exhibition and educational programme ‘Who Are We? Portraits of Peoples Living in Estonia’ and the Latvian Cultural Days in Estonia being held in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.

The allocation of activity support to the umbrella organisations of national minority cultural associations is based on a three-year period so that the organisations are able to plan their development in the longer term. Activity support is funded by the Ministry of Culture. In the last three-year period, 16 umbrella organisations and their members (231 associations in total) were supported.

For further information please contact:

Kristina Pirgop

Head of Partnership Relations, Integration Foundation

Telephone: +372 659 9024