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Estonian Language Centre in Narva director will be Jelena Kordontšuk

The director of the new Estonian Language Centre in Narva as chosen by the Integration Foundation will be Jelena Kordontšuk, who has wide-ranging experience in leading projects and as a language teacher in both schools and adult education.


Currently working as an Estonian teacher at Narva Language Lyceum, Kordontšuk will take up her post as director in mid-April.


Irene Käosaar, the director of the Integration Foundation, says the Estonian Language Centre in Narva will be launched by a director with the determination to make it a success – one with a track record in a number of educational institutions in the border city for achieving results.


“We’re sure that Jelena’s experience and the breadth of her awareness of the local situation will make the Estonian Language Centre in Narva a real hub, where people with mother tongues other than Estonian can study and practise the national language,” she said.


The main challenges facing the newly appointed director will be building up the Estonian Language Centre in Narva as a structural unit within the Integration Foundation, putting together and managing a successful team, creating a network with professionals from the field and moulding an appropriate public image. The Estonian Language Centre in Narva is scheduled to open on 2 January 2019.


The competition to find a director for the Estonian Language Centre in Tallinn failed to produce a result and the search continues. “We’re looking for someone with extensive experience in education management and integration issues who’s very much about people-centred management,” Käosaar explained.


For further information please contact:

Irene Käosaar

Director, Integration Foundation