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Nominations for annual integration awards also open to young people

The Integration Foundation has launched the competition for the 2017-2018 media and development awards in the field of integration. The foundation is looking to recognise anyone – be they individuals or organisations – who has encouraged people from different ethnic backgrounds to do things together in the last year. The prize fund is 4000 euros.


The media and development prizes in the field of integration are awarded in four categories:

  • Promotion to the general public of the cultures of the national minorities living in Estonia. One prize valued at 1000 euros is awarded in this category.
  • Fostering contact between people who speak Estonian and people who speak languages other than Estonian. One prize valued at 1000 euros is awarded in this category.
  • Shaping attitudes that support integration through media projects, radio programmes or articles. One prize valued at 1000 euros is awarded in this category.
  • Youth prize for contributing to the development of the field of integration or national minority culture (nominees up to and including 26 years of age). One prize valued at 1000 euros is awarded in this category.


Kristina Pirgop, the Head of Partnership Relations with the Integration Foundation, says that nominations are eagerly awaited for everyone who has contributed to the field of integration. “We’re particularly looking forward to receiving nominations for young people who have gotten those from different ethnic backgrounds in Estonia doing things together or whose actions and efforts have helped break down stereotypes,” she explained. “We want to recognise and reward them publicly, too.”


To lodge a nomination, fill in the appropriate application form on the Integration Foundation website at


The deadline for nominations is 16:00 on 10 October 2018.


The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony being held on 15 November. The names of the prize winners will be published on the website of the Integration Foundation.


The Integration Foundation has been awarding the development prizes since 1999, while media prizes were first presented in 2009. The awards are funded by the Ministry of Culture.


For further information please contact:


Kristina Pirgop

Head of Partnership Relations

Telephone: +372 659 9024