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Foundation supports media projects promoting integration


The Integration and Migration Foundation has granted support to five projects for the launch of media activities to promote social integration.

Support has been granted to Estonian Public Broadcasting, the Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Consultancy, the NPO Estonian Institute, the NPO Etnoweb and PR Põhjarannik AS. The Integration and Migration Foundation is providing a total of 71,585 euros in support of the projects.

The Estonian Public Broadcasting project Другому как понять тебя... /‘If he understood you...’/ will see the production of two series which will be broadcast on Radio 4 and online. Есть разговор /‘Have you got a minute?’/ will involve discussions between young people and decision-makers, while Navigaator /‘Navigator’/ is designed to showcase Estonian culture and history and the country’s sights to the audience. The target group for both series is people who do not speak Estonian as their first language.

The PR Põhjarannik AS project A Closer Estonia 3 is a continuation of the two previous incarnations of the same project, both of which were supported by the Integration and Migration Foundation. This project will see the publication of a supplement whose running theme is emphasising the crossover points between Estonian- and Russian-language cultural space through a series of personal stories and an introduction to the Russian-language media channels operating in Estonia. In order for the project to reach out to a wider audience, the supplement will also be made available in the Estonian- and Russian-language online editions of Põhjarannik/Severnoje Poberežje, a daily newspaper published in Ida-Viru County.

Three Internet-based projects promoting integration received support in this year’s media competition. As part of its project, entitled MAKIS – Translating the website of the civil association adviser into Russian, the Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Consultancy will be creating a Russian-language version of the Enterprise Estonia-administered civil association portal MAKIS. The aim of the project is to foster the more successful participation of Russian-language civil associations in Estonian social life. The NPO Estonian Institute’s project Development of a single media field in the portal involves the translation of the portal into Russian and English so as to promote to minority groups living in Estonia cultural activities directed at both minorities and the majority population. The Single information field in the Etnoweb portal project of the NPO Etnoweb will focus on translating and publishing the cultural news found on its website in Russian, Estonian and English.

“Studies have shown that there is very little monitoring of the media that’s produced here by non-Estonians living in this country,” said Kristi Anniste, a coordinator with the Civic Education and Migration Unit of the Integration and Migration Foundation.  “In that light it’s worth mentioning Põhjarannik’s project, which will be introducing Russian-language media channels and series in Estonia and the people who make them to readers in Ida-Viru County.  This will hopefully encourage them to turn more attention to local Russian-language media than they have to date and thereby boost awareness among people with different mother tongues and cultural backgrounds of what’s going on in society.”

The objectives of the media project competition are to increase the social participation of the Estonian population and to improve their awareness of Estonian society and cultural space. Recipients of support are obliged to observe the principle of maintaining political balance.

The Integration and Migration Foundation has been supporting media projects since 1999. Over the years these projects have included series of articles in both Estonian- and Russian-language newspapers, television and radio programmes and Internet-based projects. The foundation’s support has led to the launch of such projects as ‘Kitchen citizens’, ‘Batareja’, ‘Tonight live’, ‘Entwined souls’, ‘Triangle’ and ‘Ida-Viru County news’.

The competition is financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:

Kristi Anniste
Coordinator, Civic Education and Migration Unit
Integration and Migration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9034