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Integration and Migration Foundation supports Estonian studies at youth camps


The Integration and Migration Foundation has granted support to three projects for the showcasing of Estonian language and culture to Russian-speaking youngsters at youth camps.

The assessment committee of the foundation decided to award support to three organisations: Lastelaagrite OÜ (of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare), the NPO Fän Clab and the Organisation for the Support of Youth Initiative – ESN. The foundation is providing a total of 11,293.90 euros in support of the projects.

The aim of the camps is to introduce Estonia’s cultural space, the country itself, its history and its language to young people who live in the country but do not speak Estonian. Youngsters with Estonian as their mother tongue will support the language studies of the Russian-speaking attendees at the camps. Together they will have the opportunity to talk to people their own age, take part in activities with them and learn more about their country and its culture. Doing things together knows no language barriers and increases the feeling of unity among youngsters.

“The Estonian language studies programme at the camp being held in Käsmu is really exciting,” said Krista Dreger, a project manager with the NPO Fän Clab. “During the six days we’re there we’ll be visiting Palmse Manor and Käsmu Maritime Museum, finding out how the rescue services react in emergency situations, putting on a forest carnival, staging a nature musical and ‘running riot’ with the help of the Rakvere Police Museum!” 

Dreger explained that the camps are open to youngsters aged 6-12 whose home language is Russian. “We really encourage everyone to take part, because the camps are a great way of helping Russian-speaking kids develop their skills in Estonian and cope better in an Estonian-language environment.”

More information about the dates, venues and programmes of the youth camps can be obtained from Marina Fanfora, a coordinator with the Multicultural Education Unit at the Integration and Migration Foundation.

The competition is being financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:

Marina Fanfora
Coordinator, Multicultural Education Unit
Integration and Migration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9068