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231 national minority cultural associations to receive support this year


The Integration and Migration Foundation has been providing financing to the umbrella organisations of national minority cultural associations in Estonia since 2007, with the aim of supporting the sustainable operations of organisations representing different national cultures in the country. 16 umbrella organisations uniting 231 national minority cultural associations and representing more than 30 national groups residing in Estonia will receive support in 2015.

“A lot of different nationalities live here in Estonia, which is why it’s important to promote it as a multicultural country,” said Anne-Ly Reimaa, a deputy secretary general with the Ministry of Culture. “Their taking an active role in everyday life in the country and our promoting different national cultures contribute to fostering contact between people and to social development as a whole. The sustainable operating of organisations representing different national cultures forms part of our civil society and our shared cultural space.”

An application round for the base financing of national minority cultural associations is being used to support the cultural activities of national minorities residing in Estonia, while at the same time helping to raise awareness of the identity of people from other backgrounds in Estonian society and to promote contact between different national culture organisations. 20 applications were submitted this year, from which support to the value of 370,000 euros is to be allocated to 16 umbrella organisations representing 231 national minority cultural associations.

Kristina Pirgop, the director of partnership relations with the Development Centre of the Integration Foundation, says that the decisive factor in allocating support was how ambitious the objectives set by the umbrella organisations were and also how cost-effective their activities were. “It’s also worth pointing out that all of the umbrella organisations had set themselves longer-term goals in terms of influence and development,” she explained. “For example, they’re looking to boost cooperation with Estonian cultural institutes, get more young people involved in their activities, increase communication between communities and also look for additional sources of funding. Starting from this year the Integration Foundation will be entering into three-year framework agreements with national minority cultural associations which will allow those receiving funding to better plan their activities.”

The results of the application round for base financing can be found on the website of the Integration Foundation. The application round is guided by the objectives set out in the ‘Integrating Estonia 2020’ development plan, financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:

Kristina Pirgop
Director of Partnership Relations, Development Centre
Integration and Migration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9024