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Test yourself with the 13th Citizens Day quiz!


The Integration and Migration Foundation invites all students from Estonian- and Russian-language basic, secondary and vocational schools to take part in this year’s quiz dedicated to Citizens Day. Over the years, the quiz – which is being run for the 13th time – has attracted more than 50,000 participants from schools all over Estonia.

“The reason we run the quiz is to help young people learn about the rights, opportunities and advantages of being Estonian citizens, and to highlight the different areas the state operates in and the kind of information that every citizen should know,” explained Toivo Sikk, an area manager with the foundation’s Development Centre. “There are questions about citizens’ rights and obligations, but it also touches on issues that are important to Estonian society. Each year so far we’ve divided the questions up into 10 groups, three of which this time round are dedicated to key events in the country this year. Previously we’ve looked at issues from everyday politics, the achievements of Estonian athletes and important cultural events. The kids will find that if they know a bit about difference places in the country and its natural environment – including the noises that birds and animals make – it should come in handy!”

The online quiz can be found at and answers can be submitted until 4 December. All students in Grades 5 & 6 and from Grades 7-12 in general education schools and vocational schools providing general secondary education with Estonian or Russian as the language of instruction are invited to take part in the quiz. The quiz designed for students from Grades 5 & 6 has 30 questions, which have also been translated into Russian. The questions for the younger participants were put together by students from higher grades, assisted by their teachers. The quiz for students from Grades 7-12 is in Estonian and contains 50 questions. There are also video and music questions in both quizzes. The time limit to complete each quiz is one hour. Sikk says that no question has ever been repeated, meaning that the Integration Foundation has posed 730 unique questions over the years which schools can make use of in their social studies lessons.

Sikk added that in the past 12 years almost 100 participants have achieved a perfect score. “The most difficult questions have generally proven to be those to which there’s more than one correct answer and which you can’t Google,” he said.

Winners will be announced in seven categories: students from Grades 5 & 6 in Estonian-language schools; students from Grades 7-9 in Estonian-language schools; upper secondary students from Estonian-language schools; students from Grades 5 & 6 in Russian-language schools; students from Grades 7-9 in Russian-language schools; upper secondary students from Russian-language schools; and students from vocational schools. Prizes will also be awarded to the schools with the largest number of participants. The awards ceremony for the winners will be held at the House of the Blackheads in Tallinn on 21 January 2016. More information about the quiz and the results from previous years can be found on the website of the Integration Foundation.

The quiz was inspired by Citizens Day, which is marked in Estonia on 26 November. The day is designed to raise people’s awareness of what it means to be an Estonian citizen, the sense of pride and honour that comes with it, and the rights and obligations of citizens. The anniversary of the documentation of citizens of the Republic of Estonia is also marked on Citizens Day. The definition of ‘Estonian citizen’ dates from 26 November 1918, when the then provisional parliament passed a decree entitled ‘On the citizenship of a democratic republic of Estonia’. Citizens Day has been marked in the country since 1998.

The organisation of the quiz is financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Education and Research.

For further information please contact:

Toivo Sikk | Area Manager, Development Centre | Telephone: +372 659 9850 | E-mail: