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Integration Foundation launches procurement to find news provider for integration field


In 2016 the Integration and Migration Foundation will be contributing to the mediation of integration-themed information and to the notification of the activities of organisations operating within the field of integration. In order to generate more unified information space and to better inform the public of what is happening in Estonia, the Integration Foundation has launched a procurement to find media partners.

“A whole range of events take place in Estonia every day – seminars, training courses, exhibitions, sports competitions, concerts, performances and simply people getting together,” said Natalja Kitam, media director with the Integration Foundation. “The people behind a lot of fantastic activities contribute the majority of their time to getting things off the ground, so informing people is left on the backburner, whether because of a lack of funds, time or skills. This procurement is designed to get closer to these organisations and to help promote their activities among the general public. That way we can give a boost to the rise of a more unified information field in Estonia and produce higher-quality news. Partners will be required to create and distribute news in Estonian, Russian and English, since the point of the project is to inform people who live in Estonia but speak languages other than Estonian of what’s going on in the country and by doing so to involve them more in events.” 

The ‘Development of the communication cooperation network of the integration field and distribution of news’ procurement was launched by the Integration Foundation with the aim of creating a more unified information field in Estonia. As a result of the project, the activities of national minority cultural associations, organisers of cultural events, creative people and civic groups who work to promote charity, environmental protection, urban issues, rural life, health, human rights and youth work will be mediated. The idea is to bring together information from representatives of the integration field – editing and distributing their news and drafting press releases, articles and newsletters in at least three different media channels throughout 2016.

The deadline for the submission of tenders for the ‘Development of the communication cooperation network of the integration field and distribution of news’ procurement  is 10:00 on 18 January 2016. The procurement documents can be found in the e-procurement registry at

A media project entitled ‘LÕVI’, which informed the broader public of information from the integration field via the Etnoweb news portal, operated from July to December 2015 in cooperation with three media partners: Postimees, Kultuuriinfo and ETV+.

This action is guided by the integration development plan ‘Integrating Estonia 2020’, which emphasises the need to increase active social involvement in Estonia and the importance of strengthening a unified communication space. The ‘Development of the communication cooperation network of the integration field and distribution of news’ project is being supported by the Integration Foundation via the Ministry of Culture from the state budget.

For further information please contact:

Natalja Kitam
Media director
Integration and Migration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9061