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MISA launches project competition of cultural associations of national minorities


Cultural associations of national minorities operating in Estonia are expected to take part in the project competition of the Our People Integration and Migration Foundation (MISA), whose aim is to contribute to the preservation and introduction of the languages and cultures of ethnic minorities in Estonia. Applications may be submitted to the project competition until 25 January 2016.

According to Kristina Pirgop, Director of Partnership Relations of MISA, projects expected to the competition concern the organisation of events of cultural associations of national minorities, such as festivals, seminars, exhibitions, and the introduction of their culture to the wider public in Estonia. “I am very glad that we can support events to be organised by cultural associations in addition to their everyday activities. An important key word is also contributing to the development of a more uniform information space,” said Pirgop.

Applications for support can be submitted by non-profit organisations, foundations, local government authorities and sole proprietors. Projects to be financed through the competition have to be carried out in the period from 1 February 2016 to 31 December 2016.

The total budget for the competition is 90,500 euros. The minimum amount of support to be applied for one project is 600 euros and the maximum amount is up to 6,000 euros. The deadline for submission of applications is 25 January 2016. Further information about the project competition of cultural associations of national minorities can be found on the MISA website.

This competition supports the implementation of the field-specific development plan “Integrating Estonia 2020”, which contributes to the multiculturalism of Estonian society and sustainable functioning and development of organisations that represent national cultures. The project competition is financed by the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact

Kristina Pirgop
Our People Integration and Migration Foundation
Director of Partnership Relations, Development Centre
Telephone: 659 9024
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