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31 organisers of national minority cultural association events to receive support


The results of a project competition for national minority cultural associations organised by the Integration and Migration Foundation have been announced. The activities and events of a total of 31 applicants will be supported this year, to a value of 90,500 euros.

“Thanks to its abundance of events and festivals, cultural life in Estonia is very rich and diverse,” said Kristina Pirgop, the head of partnership relations with the Integration Foundation. “The national cultural associations that operate in Estonia make their own contribution to that diversity, enriching our cultural landscape with the music, dances, handicrafts, art and literature of a wide range of nationalities. Among the applicants for the project competition were organisers of events and festivals that have already become traditional as well as some completely new faces. For example, a festival going by the name ‘Ukrainian Cossack Entertainment’ will be held in Valga for the first time on 21 May which is designed to introduce the general public to the customs and traditions of the Cossack and Ukrainian people. The event will include fun things for kids to do as well, including archery and a relay race.”

A number of concert series will be granted funding as part of this year’s competition. These include performances by the spiritual music ensemble Orthodox Singers in Viljandi, Muhu, Saaremaa and Rapla, and concerts by the Russian folk music ensemble Zlatiye Gory in Haapsalu, Viljandi, Pärnu, Jõgeva, Tartu and Valga. Among the activities for children and young adults that have been granted support are events showcasing the culture of Azerbaijan for schools students from Tallinn and university students from Tallinn and Tartu. These will include a quiz, a folk dance performance and workshop and an exhibition of paintings and national costumes from the country.

Also receiving support this year are the 13th ‘National Cultures Creative Pot’ cultural festival of national minorities to be held in Jõhvi in September, the ‘Multicultural Pärnu - 16’ summer festival and the international Orthodox religious music festival ‘Credo’, which unites Rakvere, Tallinn and Narva.

The Estonian-Swedish song and dance festival being held in Haapsalu in July, the ‘Northern Star’ international festival showcasing the creative work of Ukrainian culture and cultural associations in Tallinn and the ‘Kvity Ukrainy’ international children’s and youth festival of Ukrainian culture have also been granted support. Funding has likewise been awarded for the organisation of the 21st Sillamäe Folk Culture Days, which this year have the theme ‘Cultural Bridges of the Baltic Sea’, and Svetotš 2016: the 4th International Festival of Slavic Culture.

The competition is designed to contribute to the preservation and showcasing of national minority language and culture in Estonia and to support the organisation of the events and festivals of national minority cultural associations. It also aims to promote cooperation between people from different national backgrounds and the generation of a shared information space. A total of 69 applications were received for the competition. The names of all projects to which support has been granted can be found on the Integration Foundation website.

The competition supports the implementation of the ‘Integrating Estonia 2020’ development plan, which contributes to the cultural diversity of Estonian society and to the sustainable operations and development of organisations representing national cultures. The competition is being financed by the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:

Kristina Pirgop
Head of Partnership Relations
Integration and Migration Foundation
Telephone: +372 659 9024