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Nominations now open for integration development and media awards


The Integration and Migration Foundation invites everyone to submit their nominations for development and media awards in the field of integration. Four prizes and a grand prix will be awarded to those behind the most important integration-related activities and events of 2015. 

Natalja Kitam, the head of media development at the Integration Foundation, says that the development and media awards - which are presented by the Integration Foundation and the Ministry of Culture - are designed to recognise those who promote the field of integration. “With the awards we’re looking to shine the spotlight on people in Estonia who contribute to cooperation between people from different national backgrounds through a range of diverse and innovative activities,” she explained. “The media plays a big part in the success of integration - they have the means to raise people’s awareness and shape the way they think. Our media award is designed to recognise the people in the media, as well as media activities and channels, who have drawn people’s attention to tolerance and understanding one another in the Estonian and Russian media. Also, from among the four prize winners the jury will be selecting an overall winner for the best project or activity carried out in 2015, and they’ll receive an additional prize - the grand prix, which is valued at 1000 euros.” 

Maria Derlõš, last year’s winner and the woman behind Linnalabor and Lasnaidee, encourages everyone to submit their nominations. “If you don’t, a lot of really good ideas and activities may go unnoticed,” she said. “If you earn yourself recognition and a broader public platform you can draw people’s attention to activities that society really needs.”  

The integration development and media prizes are to be awarded in the following categories:

  • Promotion of the cultures of the different nationalities living in Estonia and preservation of cultural traditions. One prize valued at 1000 euros will be awarded in this category.
  • Joint activities that support integration - recognising cooperative activities between Estonians and other residents of Estonia from different national backgrounds which enrich and strengthen Estonia’s cultural space and foster contact between nationalities and the generation of a shared information space. One prize valued at 1000 euros will be awarded in this category.
  • Activities supporting integration organised by and for young people - recognising joint activities organised by young people in Estonia up to the age of 26 which involve both Estonian youngsters and young people from different national backgrounds.  One prize valued at 1000 euros will be awarded in this category.

One prize valued at 1000 euros will also be presented as a media award to a journalist or media channel who has contributed through their activities to tolerance and understanding one another and to coverage of the subject of integration in the Estonian media. 

The competition guidelines and nomination form can be found on the Integration Foundation website. Nominations can be e-mailed to, marked ‘Nomination for 2015 development and media awards’. Nominations are open until 2 May 2016.

The Integration Foundation has been awarding the development prizes since 1999, while the media prizes were first presented in 2009. The awards are financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Culture.

For further information please contact:

Natalja Kitam
Head of media development
Telephone: +372 659 9061