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Integration Foundation to prepare media studies and critical thinking syllabus


The Integration and Migration Foundation is looking to create a media studies elective course syllabus for students of both Estonian- and Russian-language vocational and upper secondary schools with the aim of teaching young people skills in crafting media messages and rational consumption of information. Once created, the syllabus will be piloted as part of a media seminar which will also be organised this summer.

“Media studies are currently offered in 51 upper secondary schools around Estonia,” said Natalja Kitam, the head of media development at the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People. “When you’re constantly surrounded by information, you need to know how the media works and the skills to critically assess the information you’re being given. We’ve launched a procurement to make sure that both Estonian- and Russian-language schools have a high-quality media studies syllabus at their disposal that’s designed to foster critical thinking. We hope to work with the partner we find as a result of the procurement to compile a 35-hour elective programme for students in Grades 10-12 of secondary  school and in vocational education in Estonia, as well as an outline of the learning process for teachers. The syllabus will raise awareness among young Estonian- and Russian-speaking young people  of what’s happening in the media not only here, but all over the world. It will also provide a platform to teach them how to understand and analyse information obtained from the mass media, and to evaluate the tone, origins and objectivity of the information.” 

The draft syllabus and the system for assessing the results of taking it will be piloted and tested as part of an eight-day seminar which is to be organised for at least 40 basic school graduates this summer. The practical part of the seminar will be divided into two parts: five days of active study, followed by three days of practice, part of which will take place at the annual Opinion Festival in Paide on 12 & 13 August. During their studies the participants will be given the chance to visit the editorial boards of a number of media companies and to meet opinion formers, newsmakers  of Estonian media scene. Video clips will be produced of all of the lectures given as part of the seminar for later viewing.

The winner of the procurement will be announced in mid-May, after which registration for the media seminar will  be announced on the Integration Foundation’s website.

Tenders for the ‘Organisation of a seminar and preparation of an elective course syllabus on media studies for students from Estonian- and Russian-language upper secondary schools and vocational education institutions and preparation of a description of the learning process’ procurement can be submitted until 10:00 on 12 May 2016. The procurement documentation can be viewed online in the e-state procurement registry at

Creation of the media studies syllabus and organisation of the seminar are being financed from the state budget via the Ministry of Education and Research.

For further information please contact:

Natalja Kitam
Head of media development
Telephone: +372 659 9061