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Second round to be launched in civic awareness and tolerance project competition


The Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA) launched an additional round of applications in support of activities carried out by students from general education and vocational schools aged 7-26 in relation to civic awareness and tolerance. Seven such projects aimed at students were granted funding in the first application round earlier this year.

“The seven projects that did receive funding are all very different, which is good to see. They are not all just being organised for young people, either – young people can get involved in every stage, from putting the thing together to actually putting it on. That sort of involvement was one of the goals of the competition. A number of the projects we approved are of the sort that get students involved and encourage them to come up with their own initiatives. One of them is about putting together an intervention programme for their school; another is about coming up with quiz questions; then there is one which is about organising Citizens Day and other joint events with students from other schools,” explained Toivo Sikk, the Head of Civic Education at the Integration Foundation.

The seven projects granted funding in the first round were: ‘Greater involvement in everyday school life’  (Social and Health Care Department of Tartu City Government); ‘Fun learning within the history of Estonian literature’ (Jõhvi Russian Basic School); ‘How scientists from Tartu have influenced the world and how the world has influenced Tartu’ (University of Tartu); ‘Autumn at the smart bull’s place’ (Rakvere Upper Secondary School); ‘The sea has always been, the sea will always be...’ (Sillamäe Estonian Basic School); ‘Good citizens, successful country’ (Kohtla-Järve Maleva Basic School); and ‘Off to the forest! – A camp for upper secondary school students from Ida-Viru County' (Jõhvi Upper Secondary School).

The total budget for the projects which have been granted funding is 20,652 euros. MISA received 21 applications in the first round back in February. The competition is financed from the state budget by the Ministry of Education and Research.

“We’ve decided to launch another round this year because we want to support activities that increase and strengthen civic awareness and tolerance among students,” said Sikk.

The second application round of the ‘Civic awareness- and tolerance-based activities’ competition will close at 12:00 on 13 June 2016. The total budget for the competition is 41,000 euros. In launching the additional round the Integration Foundation is looking forward to support activities designed for and by students, activities that address young people and contribute to increasing and diversifying knowledge of the Estonian state and society among students with home language other than Estonian. The activities should also aim to foster tolerance among young people and teach them the value of what it means to be an Estonian citizen. Information about the competition can be found on the website of MISA.

For further information please contact:

Toivo Sikk
Head of Civic Education
Telephone: +372 659 9850