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MISA seeks training companies to run Estonian courses for teachers from Ida-Viru County


The Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA) has launched a procurement to find a training company to organise Estonian language courses at the B2 and C1 levels for 238 teachers from Ida-Viru County.

Riina Koolmeister, the deputy director of the Language Department of the Ministry of Education and Research, says that teachers being able to speak Estonian is of vital importance, which is why the ministry is continuing to support language training for education workers in Ida-Viru County. “The courses will give kindergarten, pre-school and general education school teachers who took the state exam in Estonian after completing courses run by MISA this academic year the chance to polish their Estonian even further,” she explained. “It will also be an opportunity for those who want to gain the language skills they need to work in those positions.

The list of teachers seeking to study Estonian was finalised in summer 2015, although additions were made to it in spring this year in cooperation with education officials from local authorities. “They know the teachers in their areas, and they know who should be first in line when it comes to language training,” said Jana Tondi, the head of language and cultural immersion with MISA. “Within the framework of this procurement we’re looking for enthusiastic trainers to provide Estonian language lessons to teachers from Ida-Viru County, to create an Estonian-language communication environment for them and to prepare them for the state exam.”

The courses will take place in Narva, Sillamäe, Kohtla-Järve and Jõhvi and last for 160 academic hours. Bridging courses lasting 20-30 academic hours will be organised (if required) for those whose language level does not enable them to commence studies at the B2 or C1 levels. Lessons will be held 1-3 times per week on working days, with each lesson lasting 1-3 academic hours. Once every two months there will also be an intensive study day which will enable the students to repeat and help memorise what they have already learned. Excursions and meetings with guests may also be organised as part of intensive study days.

Everyone who attends the courses will be required to take the state exam in Estonian at the B2 or C1 level during the training period or by May 2017 at the latest.

Tenders can be submitted for the procurement until 1 August 2016. Information about the procurement can be found on the MISA website and in the e-state procurement registry

The courses are being financed by the Ministry of Education and Research.

For further information please contact:
Jana Tondi
Head of language and cultural immersion, MISA
Telephone: +372 659 9069