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MISA’s upcoming international conference seeks new ideas for Estonian integration policy


A two-day conference titled ‘Integration Challenges in a Radicalising World’ will be held today, on November 29. Bringing together both practitioners and international experts, the conference will focus on finding new ideas for Estonian integration policy, spanning across the education system, economic and labour market developments, and society. The conference is organised by the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA) and will have opening remarks by Indrek Saar, the Estonian Minister of Culture.

‘There are around 200 different nationalities living in Estonia and that is what makes our country stronger. Integration seeks to create an open, safe and cohesive society, for which the government coalition has established this as a very clear objective. I hereby give thanks to the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People for organising this interesting international conference. A public and comprehensive discussion on integration that allows us to find new ideas for making progress in this area and the individuals working therein to cooperate even more closely,’ says Minister Indrek Saar of the Ministry of Culture.

Taking place on the first day of the conference, the discussions centered on challenges presented by a diverse labour market and its benefits welcomes  Uduak Archibong (MBE), Professor of Diversity at the University of Bradford in the UK. She finds that increasingly faster technological developments, globalisation, immigration, an ageing workforce, and the need for educated and competent workers changes the role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. ‘In light of both global and regional demographic changes, the organisation’s ability to grow depends on workers who understand better the backgrounds of the customers and communities they are serving,’ says Professor Archibong.

Raivo Vare, an entrepreneur and statesman, is also participating in the discussion. He believes that the greatest problem Estonia is facing is the lack of qualified workers. ‘More harmonious development of Estonia and its labour market is also affected by rapidly increasing regional inequality,’ he adds.

The conference will take place on the 29th to the 30th of November in Tallinn at the Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel, Toompuiestee 27. The conference will be addressed by internationally recognised experts from Canada, the UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

For additional information on the conference programme and introduction of speakers, please visit us at

You can also watch a live broadcast of the conference on the conference website and via Postimees Online.

The conference organised by MISA is funded by the Ministry of Culture and partner organisations: the British Council, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Royal Danish Embassy, Tallinn University, etc.

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