Language studies for young people through participation and civic awareness
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From 2008-2010, MISA organised several seminars and training sessions on democracy and participation for young people aged 14-19 with the aim of language studies.
In 2008, the youth conferences “Are You Ready?” and “A Step Closer” were held; in 2009, youth seminars “The Case of Käru Village” and “Two Steps Closer” and the conference “Language Is Music” were organised. In 2010, conferences for young people like “Genius Within Me”, “Language of the Senses”, “My Citizen’s Story” and “Speak the Language of Feelings” were held.
In co-operation with the Estonian National Union of Youth Associations, MISA has published reprints of the collection “Participate. If you think it, say it!”. The compilation has also been translated into Russian. The collection was handed out for free in the course of activities organised by the Estonian National Youth Council and MISA. Both collections are available as web publications in the virtual library of MISA.
In co-operation with the British Council and the Estonian National Youth Council, MISA organised Future City games in various municipalities. The two-day games involve youths and officials, half of whom are Estonian and half are Russian. Common problems are identified together and imaginative solutions are offered. MISA has one game kit and is prepared to hold the games in the future, provided there are interested municipalities. So far, the games have been held in 2008 in Narva and Pärnu, in 2009 in the Lasnamäe and North Tallinn areas, Haljala commune, Keila town and Türi commune, in 2010 in Tapa commune, Kõue commune, Kuressaare town and Leisi commune. Games held by MISA invite local Estonian and Russian-speaking residents to take part.
In order to motivate Russian-speaking young people to read Estonian media, MISA published the youth paper “Are You Ready?” in 2008. In the course of 2009, the youth work  paper “Aken” (Window), published by the Estonian National Youth Council, covered the activities of Russian-speaking youth in Estonian, and at the end of the year, the special edition “Koos. Vmeste” (Together) was published. In 2010, in co-operation with the Estonian Playback Theatre, MISA made the educational film “My Citizen’s Story”, with Playback Theatre shows taking place in five Estonian schools and youths spoke about what being a citizen means to them. Educational films are an ideal material for use in citizen or social education classes. The film is available for free ordering at MISA.