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Pealkiri: Integration Policies and Measures: Case Study of Good Practices in Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain
Autor: Kristina Kallas, Kristjan Kaldur (compiled by)
Väljaandja: Integration Foundation
Aasta: 2008
Väljaandmise koht: Tallinn
ISBN / ISSN: 978-9985-9658-3-2
Märksõnad: aruanne, kodakondsus, kodanikukasvatus, tööturg, uuring, uusimmigrandid, integratsioon
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    The study is made up of two parts, with the first providing an overview of the migration history of the analysed countries, how their integration policies were developed and how they are administered. The second part focuses on specific policy areas and the measures implemented in them and presents examples of projects which are currently being launched.

    In view of the problems and challenges of Estonia’s integration policy, examples of best practice are provided in the text in box-outs.

    A list of useful Internet links is provided at the end of each chapter.