Integration Foundation Strategy 2015-2020
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I Introduction


The objective of the foundation’s organisation-based strategy for 2015-2020 is to define the vision of the foundation and its social impact – this vision being what the foundation hews to in setting its objectives and implementing its activities – as well as the influential objectives required for the achievement of the vision and the foundation’s mission, values and organisation-based development objectives.


The objectives set out in the strategy are divided between the internal and external environments:


External environment (i.e. our vision and influential objectives) – the influence we have on society which we must achieve as a result of our activities in different fields


Internal environment (i.e. the development goals of the organisation: finances, personnel and development, internal processes and clients and partners) – the influence on the organisation and its members which we must achieve as a result of the development activities of the organisation



II Vision


An Estonia which is tolerant, offers equal opportunities and makes the most of the potential of its population



III Mission


We are a centre of excellence for theoretical and applied skills and knowledge in the field of integration and migration activities.


We initiate and support activities aimed at integrating Estonian society and provide assistance to participants in the migration process.


In order to achieve this we:

  • centralise information and experience related to integration and migration activities and implement both in supporting integration and migration processes
  • take an active role in discussions within the field
  • shape values that support integration
  • establish the preconditions required for less-integrated permanent residents of the country to play an active part in Estonian society
  • support influential activities in the field
  • highlight and recognise positive examples of activities aimed at integration and migration processes
  • operate purposefully and transparently, involving representatives of different target groups in our activities


The specific nature of the role of the foundation in achieving this vision is clarified by the influential objectives of our activities.



IV Influential objectives


Attitudes and values supportive of integration have taken root in Estonian society


In order to achieve this we:

  • support the formation of a single, shared information space and an increase in awareness of diversity
  • support an increase in everyday contact, communication and inclusion
  • contribute to native speakers of Estonian better understanding the other cultures represented in Estonian society and those who represent them



The level of involvement in society of less-integrated permanent residents of the country with a foreign background has increased through the attainment of Estonian citizenship and new social knowledge


In order to achieve this we: 

  • help to develop and realise opportunities to increase the level of social activity among permanent residents of the country with a foreign background
  • contribute to the formation of a unified national and civic identity
  • contribute to reducing differences on the labour market
  • contribute to improving the Estonian language skills of those whose mother tongue is a language other than Estonian


Migration processes support the development of Estonian society


In order to achieve this we: 

  • contribute to the creation of an effective advisory system for the adapting of new migrants
  • contribute to bringing fellow Estonians back to the country
  • contribute to the formation of positive attitudes among young people in Estonia in regard to their future prospects in the country


 V Values


In our work we are guided by the following values:

  • Competence – we value expertise and the obtaining and implementation of new skills and knowledge
  • Care – we value every person, are tolerant of one another and search for sensible solutions
  • Cooperation – we recognise the efforts of our colleagues and partners, we support their development and we are trustworthy
  • Openness – we initiate and support new ideas and take an active role in dialogue




Development objectives
Competent employees
High level of motivation among employees
High level of satisfaction among clients

The Foundation has a good reputation and enjoys recognition
High cost-effectiveness in the implementation of activities
High level of quality in the planning of budgets
Processes that comply with Estonian and European Union legislation
Processes that are sensible and efficient