Sunday Schools of National Culture Societies
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The activity of the national culture societies in Estonia has had two major goals: to keep in touch with the members of fellow nationals and introduce their language and culture to the people of Estonia. Achieving both goals is an important step towards the establishment of a social network that characterises an advanced civil society.

Currently, basic education may be acquired in the Estonian and Russian languages in Estonia. In Tallinn Jewish School, Hebrew and music are taught in the native language.

To organise a comprehensive study programme that is also intended for those other than basic school pupils, the national culture societies are allowed to establish Sunday Schools pursuant to the Private Schools Act. A Sunday School is an appropriate form of schooling when the potential pupils are studying in different local administrations or the expected number of pupils does not meet the requirements set down in the above regulation.

The task of educating the members of various ethnic nationalities living in Estonia is primarily accomplished by the Sunday Schools run by the respective national culture societies. This is done because the members of ethnic nationalities that are connected to Estonia and have lived here for two or three generations clearly value and acknowledge their wish to share the knowledge of language and culture to their children and grandchildren. 
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Coordinator, Culture and Youth Work Unit
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