Assisted Voluntary Return II
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2009 project “Assisted voluntary return” with 2008 funds of the European Return Fund

The project was aimed at carrying out actions "development of a voluntary return-related consultation system" and "development of a support system for voluntary return" as provided for by European Return Fund. The general objective of the project was to develop return management in Estonia. To achieve this aim, in 2009 Estonian Migration Foundation taked action to establish the support and consultation system in order to increase the knowledge regarding return-related opportunities among the direct target group and to provide them financial assistance for return.

Pursuant to the priorities of the European Return Fund, in the framework of the project incentives for voluntary departure are provided to persons who lack a basis for legal stay in Estonia. Previous projects carried out with the support of the European Refugee Fund focused on persons who applied for international protection from Estonia and those who received protection here.

Duration of the project was 7 months – from May 2009 to the end of the year.